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Stephanie Baierle coach at Strive Health and Fitness Canton

Stephanie Baierle

January 2015 was the start of a new adventure for Stephanie. It had been a long time in the making. Time to take care of herself. Her husband, Rob, had been attending CrossFit classes since September and she watched all of the amazing changes in him physically but still had no drive to do anything for herself. Then Rob received an email about a new class starting in January called Driven Fitness and encouraged her to give it a try. As soon as Stephanie started attending classes she was hooked!

Fast forward to fall 2015, I found myself looking for a job and was offered to be the customer service representative for CrossFit Canton. Through many changes and years she has found her love of fitness and helping others.

John Negron coach at Strive Health and Fitness Canton

John Negron

Coach John started Crossfit in 2014 because he was unhappy with the way he looked as he got back into running. He started to run after finally quitting smoking for 18 years. He did not have any strength but surprisingly his cardio wasn’t in too bad of shape or so he thought.

After his first week of CrossFit, he was hooked! He found that everyday was different and presented its own challenges that were humbling as a former athlete.
Each month he noticed physical changes and mental changes as to how he approached obstacles in life as well. Not only with himself but everyone around him.
After a year of CrossFit, John decided to get his CrossFit Level 1 certification. He wanted to help people through their own journey as he did his own. John loves seeing people defy what they thought impossible and not just in that moment in time but also for the rest of their life. It has become his passion to help others through Crossfit and be an example of the results of putting in the hard work.

CrossFit Level 1

Beth Cooley coach at Strive Health and Fitness Canton

Beth Cooley

Coach Beth has been cross fitting for 11 years now and coaching for 10. Like so many she loved sports of all kinds growing up and decided to make it her career path. Exercise science was a brand new field at the University of Georgia and after graduating with that degree she went on to coach all kinds of fitness classes. In addition to being a coach in the fitness arena she also worked in the field of corporate team building.

As a coach-Beth loves helping members find their full potential and to understand how exercise and heals the body. “The CrossFit community has the most amazing group of people. I look forward to coaching for many years to come.

One of Beth’s other passions is hanging out with her husband and her adult children.
She also loves studying the Bible and helping kids at her church love God’s story.

BS in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Georgia
Minor in Nutrition Science

2018 CrossFit Gymnastics
2022/2017 Crossfit Level 2
2014 NASM Personal Training Certification
2013 CrossFit Kids Certification

Haley Ruth coach at Strive Health and Fitness Canton

Haley Ruth

Coach Haley grew up playing a lot of sports, from basketball and tennis to dance and gymnastics, she was always busy. In college she felt really lost with her fitness. She would sometimes go for a run with her roommate and that was about it. Once she started dating her future husband Kyle, he talked her into going to the weight room with him. She fell in love with lifting weights! She quickly became hooked on building muscle and started challenging herself to lift more. One of her very first weight lifting goals was to bench press 100lbs. It was a great accomplishment!

Shortly after college, her and her husband moved to NC and decided to try out CrossFit. They had no idea what they were getting into but they couldn’t get enough of it. They loved it so much they decided to buy the gym from the owner who was going to close the doors. They ran CrossFit LKN in Lake Norman, NC like it was their baby for 5 years. They eventually closed the gym and moved to Canton for her husband to pursue his dream job.

She has now been coaching CrossFit for 11 years! She was first introduced to nutrition coaching during her time in NC. She ran plenty of Paleo challenges, but wasn’t really serious about her nutrition until after she had her second daughter. She knew she needed to change her ways this time around so she hired a fabulous nutrition coach who helped her reach her post baby goals. She learned so much from her that Haley decided to get certified in nutrition coaching. She is now certified through Precision Nutrition and has been doing remote nutrition coaching for 4 years. Whether it’s coaching nutrition or fitness, she absolutely loves helping people reach their goals! She is currently training with her husband for health and along the way teaching her daughters that being strong can be an empowering feeling.

Sharon Derr coach at Strive Health and Fitness Canton

Sharon Derr

Sharon was a competitive distance runner in high school and college. But after school she stopped running and combined with a sedentary job, gained weight and lost motivation.

In 2011, she found fitness again with her family’s help. She joined a weight loss challenge and due to her competitive nature, saw great results. She continued to work out and learned more about nutrition.

Sharon started coaching in 2012. Her favorite thing to do is coach and Olympic Weightlifting. Sharon is passionate about helping people reach their goals and knows first hand how fitness and health can improve our lives!

Her hobbies include rock climbing and outdoor adventures and relaxing on the beach.

CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2) Trainer
USA Weightlifting Level 2 Coach

Susan Bjerke coach at Strive Health and Fitness Canton

Susan Bjerke

Lori Lewis coach at Strive Health and Fitness Canton

Lori Bowker

Coach Lori has been doing CrossFit since 2014 and coaching since 2019. She started out working with CrossFit kids and then moved on to coaching the CrossFit classes. Nowadays you will find her coaching the DEKA classes. Lori loves working with new members coming in and watching them progress to reach their goals. She enjoys seeing them accomplish things that when they walked in the door, they never thought they could do. Coach Lori loves the community at Strive and how everyone is part of a big family. She has worked with children and families for over 28 years. When not working she loves spending time with her husband, traveling, cooking, and hanging out with the kids and the dogs.

CrossFit Level (CF-L1) Trainer

Jeff Rice coach at Strive Health and Fitness Canton

Jeff Rice

One thing I’ve learned from coaching people on their fitness journey for over 20 years is that hard work pays off. Rewards might not be instant, the road is not always easy but we do get out what we put in.

It’s possible for us to make a difference in our fitness, it’s necessary we give our best effort and it’s worth the sacrifice we put in to feel our best.

My name is Jeff Rice and I’m a Coach/Trainer that can help you at whatever level your on to becoming the strongest version of yourself

Casey White

Casey has been coaching at Strive since 2016. He coaches athletes to push themselves to their potential and have fun with fitness. As a construction worker, he can fix almost anything, and that includes your technique! Outside the gym he enjoys rock climbing.

Casey Davis

Coach Casey started doing CrossFit in 2018 after finding herself very unhealthy and having low self esteem. Soon after starting CrossFit she found that she has a love for weightlifting and cardio! In 2020 Casey decided that because CrossFit had changed her life and that she was a whole different person now that she wanted to get her Level 1 certification to coach to help have that impact on others. She loves pushing people out of their comfort zones to be their best.

In 2022, Casey started coaching our Youth classes.
Casey’s day job is working in interventional cardiology. But when she is not at the gym or work she loves anything outdoors. She likes long hikes, mountain biking, kayaking, paddle boarding and just staying active.
My gym family is so important to me, working out with my friends is my happy place.

CrossFit Level 1

Blake Carter (Physical Therapist)

Blake Carter is the Founder of The Impact Initiative Physical Therapy & Performance. Blake received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2017. Shortly after, he completed a residency with a focus in Orthopedics. Blake also practiced as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from 2014-2020. Much of his practice today is performance-based with a significant emphasis on functional strength. He is Georgia-born and raised but a Beach bum at heart. He loves the outdoors and is an avid hiker with his wife, Corey and their three pups: Tucker, Addie and Lil Bit. He is passionate about helping those in need and views Physical Therapy as the ultimate way to do this.

Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Scott Lingerfelt

As a kid, I grew up playing all the normal sports, baseball, football, basketball… baseball was my go to sport. In my late teens and early 20’s, I started powerlifting (Bench, Squat, and Deadlift). I then transitioned more into bodybuilding type workouts and did that well into my 30’s. In 2006 I began coaching my daughters fast-pitch softball travel team and did that for about 8 to 10 years. While coaching softball my fitness began to decline, so I got into the MMA world where I focused more on Muay Thai fighting and did that for about 8 years and was to old to be punched in the face by all the young guys. So I tried bodybuilding workouts again, and just couldn’t get going, because I needed that high intensity workout. That’s when I found Crossfit. After about a year and a half I got my L1 and haven’t looked back. I love the ideals of functional fitness that Crossfit offers, and I love to coach and share my knowledge with anyone that wants to hear it.

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